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This text will discuss onthe problems that women affected by multiple sclerosis have to cope with butfirst we have to explain what this disease is. When multiple sclerosis occurs,the electrical signals that need to be transferred from the brain to thenerves, do not reach their destination. This condition makes an impact on themany diverse regions of the brain and the spinal cord. When the followingproblem is made nerve cells are affected and confused. We have stated that wewill focus on the problems women have with this condition, and the reason forthis is the fact that the disease seems to prefer women. The small number ofmen affected by multiple sclerosis belongs to the group of young adults.

This neurologicaldisability causes problems such as balance loss, fatigue, involuntary eyemovements, tingling sensation felt in the extremities and vision problems, suchas double vision and partial blindness. These problems are felt in the same wayby men and women. For some unknown reason, in recent history, this conditionhas been targeting women more than men, and the numbers show that 75% ofmultiple sclerosis patients are women. As some professionals suspect, thiscondition is created by an attack on the myelinsheets which surround the nerve fibers, and when this happens, our body triesto combat the problem, but that is done in a very abnormal way. Somespecialists consider that using oral contraceptives and smoking can causesomewhat more acute symptoms, which may be a reason why women usually suffermore serious problems than men. In some cases, pregnancy changes the symptoms,so during the pregnancy a woman can have fever which disappears after the delivery.Some say that this happens because of the hormones, but none of this has beenproved.

Sexual intercourse isanother area in which problems are created, naturally, in women more than inmen. Problems that women with multiple sclerosis can have are reducedlubrication during sex, and extreme difficulty in reaching an orgasm. Somewomen say that they couldn't have an orgasm at all. Another problem womenexperience is depression, caused usually by brain's physical change. Multiplesclerosis affects the brain and causes periods of depression. Problems withconcentration are usually felt as well. This causes very grave emotionalproblems, so it is not strange to see a woman with multiple sclerosis upset andhaving problems while coping with this condition. The location of theinflammation will determine which of the following symptoms are felt. Thosesymptoms are pain motor function problems, bowel or bladder incontinence spasms of the muscles vision loss and body numbness. The problems will bereduced when body temperature is lowered and after 24 hours. The symptoms maybe brought about by some physical activity. At the end, we recommend a visit tothe doctor if some of the symptoms are experienced.

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