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Steroids are the substances that athletes and bodybuilders use to increase their competitive abilities. Steroids, except they are very harmful to human health, their use is banned at all sports events.

Since they mainly consist of male hormone - testosterone, steroids more negative impact on female than on male health. Women using steroids, is gradually starting to look like men. Women develop strong and pronounced jaw. They body become gnarled, muscles look sinewy and their voice becomes deep and manly. They completely lose their femininity.

Given that the female body has a small amount of testosterone, they are not genetically predisposed to its increase. Enlarged amounts of this hormone can lead to serious disturbances of the menstrual cycle.

In addition to the above-mentioned changes in the body and voice, increased hairiness also represents one of the leading problems of taking steroids. Hairs occur in places such as the buttocks, anus, breasts and nipples, inner glutes and chin. Women are forced to do hard and painful treatments to remove these hairs, especially those engaged in bodybuilding, as they judge wouldn’t reveal use of steroids.

The worst consequence of taking steroids is the development of a small penis at the site of the clitoris in women, which even after the discontinuation taking steroids may not return to its previous state.

In addition to physical changes, steroids negatively affect the emotional state of women and leads to a change in thinking and behavior. They become prone to aggressive behavior, very easy starting a conflict and even fight. They are very irritable and nervous. Also, under the influence of testosterone, their sexual desire is greatly increased, so, a woman who takes steroids has a need for sex several times a day, even after exhausting exercise.

Using steroids causes specific health problems in women which are manifested mainly in digestive problems - discomfort and swelling of the lower abdomen, stomach problems, gas, chronic constipation and water retention. In addition, the secretion of vaginal discharge increases and the body of a woman begins to release unpleasant smell. As a consequence of these problems, appears anxiety and possible decision about cessation of taking steroids. In this situation estrogen ramps which may have a worse effect on the woman’s psychological state, causing lethargy, fatigue and severe depression.

Given that all women, some less some more, are affected by the changes that appear using steroids, they should not sacrifice their femininity for victory in sport.

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