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Kissing officially dates back to 1500 B.C. Some studieshave shown that its origins lie in prehistoric times because the adults chewedthe meal for the babies and then fed them mouth to mouth in order to preventthe infants from choking. This custom carried on into adulthood, showing a signof trust, affection and dependence.

Kissing is an important part of any romantic relationshipand it shows love, appreciation and affection to the partner.

The modern timesand the constant rush have turned the custom of kissing into something ordinarythat obviously lacks true expression of love. Loneliness is often the onlyreason why people indulge in love affairs and sadly enough they don’t realizethat relationships actually require a lot of work. A special person in one’slife needs attention and kissing can always be a great and fun way to startbuilding a strong romantic relationship. The act of kissing is good forcreating and maintain intimacy and it always reminds of the first passionatekiss, revitalizing the relationship.

Kissing makes people feel good aboutthemselves, strengthens the bond with the partner and even provides certainhealth benefits.

Various studies have shown that kissing is good for theteeth because it efficiently prevents the buildup of dental plaque anddecreases the number of required visits to the dentist.

Kissing also increasethe production of adrenaline which is beneficial for the heart since it makesthe heart pump the blood more efficiently. Believe it or not, some studies haveshown that the ones that have a custom of kissing their partner goodbye eachmorning before going to work actually live up to five years longer than thosepeople who don’t practice that. Kissing improves one’s self esteem and makesthe persons feel much more appreciated.

Kissing is very beneficial in fighting the process of aging.A passionate kiss puts 29 different muscles in the jaw and the cheeks to use.Kissing has several other aesthetic benefits since it is very efficient inbringing a healthy color and natural fullness to the lips. Kissing can also beconsidered a diet in a way since it burns calories very efficiently. If gentlekisses leads to a sexual intercourse, that is some serious calories burningsession.

Kissing is very beneficialbecause of its stress relieving properties because it promotes the release of ahormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin improves the overall well being of a person.

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