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Testosterone in women

Testosterone is a hormone that is typicallyassociated with males. This hormone is responsible for the development ofsexual organs in men, as well as for the development of male characteristics. Testosteroneis usually called male hormone although this hormone is also produced in femalebody as well. The ovaries and the adrenal glands produce testosterone infemales. It is natural that the level of this hormone is higher in men than inwomen, but on the other side, female sex hormones, estrogen and progesterone, aremore produced in females than in males.

Testosterone function in women

Since the production of testosterone is very small inwomen, approximately ten times less than the production of this hormone in men, women donot develop secondary male sexual characteristics. Themost common secondary male sexual characteristics are Adam’s apple, deep voiceand facial hair. Testosterone has several functions in a female body. Firstof all, it is responsible for the improvement of sexual drive; it makes sexual arousal easier, as well as it enables more frequent orgasms. Generally, it isvery good for the sexual life of a woman.

Furthermore, testosterone in females helps in thedevelopment of muscle mass. Women do not develop large muscle mass because theydo not produce high amounts of this hormone. Therefore, they are more slenderthan men. One of the functions of testosterone in a female bodyis that it is responsible for increasing the density of the bones. As a womangets older, the level of testosterone falls down. Therefore, women frequentlydevelop osteoporosis in later years of their lives.

High and low testosterone in women

In the case when there is overproduction oftestosterone in a woman, certain male characteristics may appear. For example,a woman may experience the change of her voice, which becomes more deep andharsh. Furthermore, the growth of hair on the face, limbs and chest is also asymptom of high level of testosterone in a female body. Many women may experiencepattern baldness or the increase of the muscle mass, although aggressive behavior ormenstrual period abnormalities may also occur. High level of testosterone canbe even dangerous because it can lead to certain medical conditions, such asovarian tumors, polycystic ovarian syndrome or Cushing’s syndrome. Low levels of this hormone in a female body can leadto a decreased sexual desire, the weakness of bones and the reduction of musclemass. Furthermore, the overall strength, weaker orgasms, and painful sexual intercourseare some of the signs of the testosterone drop in women.

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