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Females normally have fine, light, downy body hair covering the body, but with PCOS the hair growth can become abnormal due to hormonal influence. Hirsutism is a condition which can occur in females suffering from PCOS, it means that normal hair becomes coarser and darker and grows on areas where men typically have hair growth. Typically with hirsutism in females the hair will grow on the face, back and chest and it can be embarrassing and problematic. Because with PCOS the woman's body experiences an overproduction of androgenic hormones, hirsutism is very common.

It is normal for a woman to have a minimal amount of testosterone, but in excessive amounts, hair growth can spiral out of control. Hirsutism in women, PCOS facial hair growth and removal is a very delicate topic for women and can cause feelings of self-consciousness. When trying to conceive, a woman with PCOS can still experience hirsutism, it is generally not alleviated just because a female gets pregnant. Women that have PCOS experience weight gain and increased body hair, both factors can be contributed to a lack of ovulation and recurrent miscarriages. Researchers at Cedars-Sinai are currently evaluating and discovering new ways to both diagnose and treat the condition, but more studies are still ongoing to provide a better understanding of the devastating condition. When trying to conceive a baby, a woman with PCOS can experience hirsutism, but not all women with PCOS will develop the problem. Because of the wide variety of different symptoms which accompany PCOS, there is no single diagnostic test which can be used to highlight the syndrome. There are several tests and symptoms that occur with PCOS, but without proper testing these symptoms can mimic several other problems.

Hirsutism in women facial hair growth and removal, while may be a source of embarrassment can also be handled effectively. Using waxes, depilatory kits, prescription hair removal products and controlling the hormonal imbalance that happens with PCOS are all ways in which to control excess hair overgrowth. Hisutism in women with PCOS can be one of the most uncomfortable and unsightly side effects of the condition, but with medical attention and treatment it can be controlled and eliminated.

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