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Due to the antimicrobial and some other abilities, vinegar can be a very effective natural disinfectant and cleaner. We will talk about this in the following text. Due to the process of fermentation of ethanol we have vinegar. This process is done with an acetobacter, which is a bacterium that aids this process. The conversion of the ethanol or alcohol to acetic acid is done by this bacterium and it is the main ingredient of vinegar. In vinegar, there are little tartaric, citric and some other acids, but the majority goes to the acetic acid. Several substances may be used for the manufacture of vinegar, among which are grains, fruits, wine and rice. The acetic acid is present in the vinegar, but its concentration is diverse and it ranges from 4 and 8 %. Meat tenderizing, marinating and salad dressing are some of the mayor usages of vinegar, but it can also be used for cleaning and disinfecting household.

Vinegar as disinfectant

Even the ancient Romans had used vinegar as a natural disinfectant, mostly for disinfecting drinking water. Several diseases during the middle ages were prevented from spreading by the use of vinegar. Also, wounds were disinfected with vinegar during the First World War. The vinegar is very popular for making pickles and this is due to its antibiotic properties, which can be used in other ways as well. Vinegar is one of the most natural and safest disinfectants available today. Due to its non-toxic and eco-friendly properties, it has become very popular for disinfecting. We can undoubtedly say that no other chemical disinfectant has these properties. It can eliminate microorganisms and germs due to its antimicrobial abilities. When vinegar is combined with hydrogen peroxide or salt, it even shows better results. E. coli can even be eliminated with the use of vinegar.

Use of vinegar as disinfectant

Less pungent white distilled vinegar is mostly used for disinfecting. Baking soda and hydrogen peroxide are generally used with vinegar for cleaning the whole household and even kitchen elements. You can use pure vinegar on clean cutting boards or use it in combination with hydrogen peroxide or salt for eliminating germs and harbor floor borne bacteria. Cleaning the floors and tiles can be done with diluted vinegar. Mixture with baking soda can be used on sinks and drains. A mixture of distilled vinegar and baking soda in equal parts needs to be placed in the drain, left to stay there for several minutes and then flushed with water. You can also deodorize garbage disposal, disinfect faucets, glassware, coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave and dish washer. Also, room doors and bathtub can be cleaned with vinegar. Vinegar, especially the 5% one, is excellent for cleaning the house and it is effective, eco-friendly and natural. The 5 % vinegar we have mentioned is less pungent, so the smell will be easier to eliminate.

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