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Allergies are reaction of the body on certain substances in the environment called allergens. These allergens may be pollen, dust, chemical substances, and animal fur. In cases of cat allergies, allergens may be not only in fur, but in cat’s saliva, urine or dander, which are skin cells they often shed.

Symptoms of cat allergy may be sneezing, fatigue, skin rash, headaches, nasal congestion, and in worse cases, asthma attacks. Obviously the way to deal with cat allergy is to remove the cat from your surroundings, but there are other things you can try first.

Tips to Cure or Avoid Cat Allergy

Do not allow your cat to go to the bathroom or to sleep on the beds. You should also keep the rooms well ventilated, and if not possible, use air purifiers, or vapor steam cleaners in order to disinfect your surroundings. You should also wash your pillow and bed sheets at least twice per month in a hot water. Use high quality and powerful vacuum cleaner in order to thoroughly clean and vacuum cat allergens from everywhere. Clean your cat regularly and avoid touching your eyes or face after petting your cat.

Treatments, Medications and Remedies for cat allergy

In case of medications for cat allergy you can use some conventional anti allergy medications like histamine spray or tablets to reduce sneezing and nasal congestions.

Various treatments are also available for cat allergy problems beside medications, like homeopathic or herbal treatments, vitamins, energy based allergy treatments like NAET or immunotherapy.

Herbal remedies for cat allergies are very effective. Some herbs boost the immune system and also help with cat allergies problems like ginseng, borage, elder, etc.

In cases of homeopathic treatments for cat allergies you can use various remedies like Natrum muriaticum (which is sodium chloride that lowers mucus build up), Allium cepa (which has anti inflammatory properties and can be found in onions) or Euphrasia (a flowering herb which also has an anti inflammatory property).

In case of immunotherapy, doctors sometimes recommend shots or injections in order to boost immune system of the body and diminish the symptoms of cat allergy, but these shots cannot entirely eliminate all the symptoms.

Cat allergy can affect any given part of your body. In case you do not want to part from your pet but have a cat allergy, you should avoid any physical contact with your pet, if this is possible, and try to keep both yours and your pet’s surroundings as clean and healthy as possible.

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