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Fact or Two about Heartburn

Even though the name of this conditionsuggests otherwise, heartburn has nothing to do with the heart.Rather, it is caused by a reflux of our stomach acids, their movementfrom our intestines into our esophagus, throat, mouth and other upperparts of our food processing systems. Thus, once suffering fromheartburn, we can feel pain and burning sensations in our throat,chest and mouth. Moreover, we can feel discomfort while swallowingfood, have a bitter taste in our mouth or even experience somerespiratory problems and fever. We tend to suffer from heartburn whenwe overeat, get exposed to stress excessively, have a certainintestinal disease or simply paying no attention to what we eat. Thisphenomenon can have serious effects on our health if we do not takethe necessary steps for removing it from our lives. Even though thereare many possible treatments for heartburn, baking soda has proven tobe a very good, natural alternative. Read on to learn how to treatthis condition with baking soda.

Baking Soda vs Heartburn: How?

Basically, baking soda neutralizes allthe stomach acids troubling you during your heartburn onsets.Therefore, it is a very good first line of defense against thisuncomfortable condition. Unfortunately, baking soda cannot causeheartburn to disappear completely. Rather, it can act as a temporarysolution and a good means of prevention.

Nevertheless, you should be verycareful about the dosage, since excessive amounts of baking soda inyour organism can cause numerous health problems. Finally, if yousuffer from a persistent heartburn condition you should seek medicalattention and treat this problem in a more detailed manner, sincebaking soda is helpful only with occasional occurrences of thisproblem.

Dosage and Possible Problems

The best possible dose of this remedywould involve dissolving a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass ofwater. While creating this solution, make sure the baking soda iscompletely dissolved in the water, before drinking this remedy. Also,do not use this method more than 7 times a day. If you do not manageto treat your heartburn problem by then, you should seek medicalassistance.

People with high blood pressure andpregnant women should not use this method at all, since they cantrigger serious health problem by this increased sodium intake.Additionally, if you are already taking certain medicationsregularly, you are best to consult with your doctor before addingbaking soda into your treatment.

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