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Symptoms of asthma usually include lack of breath as the most commonly present sign in asthmatic patients. Asthma can be caused by various allergens and it is best to consult your doctor and get checked to discover what you are allergic to. People may have asthma due to some mold, dust, mites, pet dander, smoke or different chemicals. There is also the possibility to have asthmatic attack due to consummation of certain food like eggs, nuts or shellfish. Any breathing problem should be reported to your doctor and discussed with him or her. Additionally, asthma patients may complain about some other symptoms of allergies, such as watery eyes, dry cough or some wheezing.

Talk with Your Doctor

Breathing changes and problems should be taken seriously and you must inform your doctor about your problems. In most cases, your doctor will recommend taking an allergy test, to determine the cause of asthma (if it is allergic asthma). What may seem to you like sinusitis, watery eyes or stuffy nose may have something to do with your asthma too.

There are preventive medications for people with frequent asthma attacks and then there are some medications used to treat acute asthma as well. Consulting your doctor is always advisable, because he or she will diagnose your problem properly and decide what treatment will work best for you.

Home Remedies

Lack of breath, as we mentioned earlier, is symptom affecting many asthma patients. In that particular moment, try to reduce the amount of oxygen you use. Breathe slowly and try to relax your body. If you are exercising, slow down or stop this activity.

Avoid the things you already know to cause you asthma. Minimize your exposure to these allergic triggers to minimum and you will have fewer asthma attacks.

Smoky places are not good for people suffering from asthma. Sometimes, if you have a family member smoking in the house, you may use some devices to filter the air or to suck the smoke. Children and elderly patients are more sensitive to passive smoking than other people, especially if they already have asthma.

Try to drink tea regularly. Substances present in the tea are very similar to some drugs used in the treatment of asthma and they could help you to manage your condition and be properly hydrated as well.

Mild physical activity is recommended by the doctors for everyone suffering from asthma, whether it is exercise-related or allergic asthma. Recommended activities include: walking, swimming and cycling.

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