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Lemonade Diet

This diet takes a short amount of time and it is used for cleaning the humanbody of toxins. It is very similar to the juice fast. This diet usually takesfrom 10 to 40 days to complete. During this period, only lemonade is consumed.All the nutrients and energy will have to be acquired form lemon juice. Thelemonade needs to be made from the fresh lemon, cayenne pepper, grade-B maplesyrup and purified water. During this diet, every evening you will have to takelaxative tea and every morning salt water flush. The peppermint tea and pureand non-fluoridated water are only beverages permitted.When this diet is ending, a strict regimen must be followed. In the beginning,for the first 36 hours, person can only drink fresh squeezed citrus juice.After this period, the raw vegetables will be slowly introduced into thenutrition, along with the fruits. After this, we will move on the cooked vegetables, which will occur in the three to five days following the end of this diet.


Resting the digestive tract is the main function of this diet. It will alsoburn fat, eliminate toxins and cleanse the whole body system. This very strictdiet will contribute to the weight loss, but it involves a very serious changein eating habits. Before taking this diet, discuss it with your doctor. The doctorwill probably consider monitoring your progress and see if the diet is notaffecting your body in unwanted way or changing the initial effect of themedications used. There are some changes of insulin levels, depression, bloodsugar levels and blood pressure noted in several cases.

Health Warnings

This diet usually last for 10 days, and it can take more only if the doctor recommendsit. But if you sense the body is fed up with these eating habits, change it.During this diet, a person needs to take from 6 to 12 glasses of lemonade everyday. One glass of lemonade should have 1/6 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 2tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 tablespoons of grade B maple syrup. When wecombine them together, one glass of lemonade will have 109 calories. Rememberto drink water as well and never to repeat this diet in the following sixmonths after the ending of the diet. There are several side effects associated with this diet, which makes intenseimpact on the intestinal system. They are dehydration, fatigue, blurred vision,headaches, fever, vomiting, and nausea. Remember that this diet has the purposeto remove the toxins from your body and not to reduce weight. For the end, we haveto say that this actually is not a diet in the common meaning of the word. Itis actually a cleansing of the body. It will reduce weight, but this is aneffect created by the breakdown of the fat stores.

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