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Master cleanse is a very popular method of weight loss and detoxification. There has been a lot of controversy around it, since some experts claim it is very beneficial and others believe it is actually dangerous.

What is master cleanse diet?

Master cleanse is also known as the lemonade diet or the master cleanse fast. It is a type of diet that includes fasting, which means little or no foods are allowed. Master cleanse diet is based on lemon juice and water, and some variations include maple syrup as well.

This diet was designed in 1941 by Stanley Burroughs, an alternative medicine practitioner, and it gained worldwide popularity in the early 1990’s. The main purpose of this diet is weight loss and it promises amazing results - ten or 50 pounds over seven to ten days. Much of this lost weight is water, which carries away toxins and harmful substances from the body.

The proponents of master cleanse claim that the pounds lost this way do not come back again, possibly ever. This is possible because master cleanse resets the body and the eating habits, bringing them back to normal.

Benefits of master cleanse diet

There are two main benefits of master cleanse or lemonade diet. The first one is weight loss. This one can hardly be argued, as almost everyone who had tried master cleanse has lost certain amount of weight. This is mainly due to elimination of excess water from the body, but the fat deposits are burned as well.

The other great benefit of master cleanse is elimination of toxins, heavy metals and other undesired substances and agents in the body. Master cleanse cleans the body from the inside, and very thoroughly too. Large amounts of fluids flush the toxins out, which has an extremely positive effect on the overall health. In addition, this diet allows a break from too much protein, as well as from food additives, artificial colors, preservatives, saturated fats and other unhealthy components.

Even though these claimed benefits are often disputed by experts, one benefit cannot be argued. It is the ability of master cleanse diet to identify food allergies and intolerances. During the diet, when no foods are allowed, the body resets and purifies itself. After the diet is finished, when the person goes back to his or her normal eating habits, the body will react intensively to the foods that cause allergic reactions, making the allergies and intolerances easier to detect. For example, if a person is allergic to wheat, after re-introducing the wheat in the normal diet, the allergy symptoms will be more pronounced that before the master cleanse.

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