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Martial arts help people to alter a persons conduct and self-discipline for the better. The benefits of practicing will become visible after a period of the time and become permanent.

Martial arts will enhance one’s overall endurance, strength and suppleness. At the start of a session, it is advisable to go through a short period of warming up by making a series of warming and stretching exercises. This practice is also involved in raising the overall level of vitality.

Martial arts also have a beneficial influence on mental health. The results of conducted university studies have shown higher levels of self-control, emotional development and more precise judgements made under pressure of any kind, including the overall reliance, independence and imaginativeness. These characteristics stem from the continuous solving of complicated assignments.

It is not enough just to exercise to achieve scores, as one must work on enhancing the spritual attributes, always overcoming a person’s weak spots. That endeavor is famously known as "the way" ("do" in Japanese), the leading one being Bushido (the way of the warrior), which was followed by the samurai, and it represented a set of righteous values embedded in their lifestyle, such as respect for the elders and nurturing the strongest aspects of one’s persona. This may seem outdated to a modern person, but this is of highest importance for martial arts' practicioners as it helps them to obtain morality.

Martial arts improves your defense and attack possibilities. Sparring makes a person feel the “adrenaline rush” as a result of exposing the fighter to advanced persons who are more experienced in karate than they are. The most crucial fact of martial arts is to realize that they are not designed just to do harm and to hurt someone that is attacking you, but the main goal is to develop a person in every aspect, physical and mental.

Martial arts are also increasingly recommended for children, because it helps them to form their personality in the right way, introverted ones learn how to open up and overtly aggressive children will learn how to control their anger. A child also learns about the triviality of starting a fight in school or on the playground without reason and the unnecessary use of violence. Constant training also has beneficial effects on their young bodies and the skills of self-defense are always more than welcome in the tough world of childhood and many confrontations that can occur while growing up.

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