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It cannot be determined what would be the most effective martialart. Some would say that MMA as the latest and youngest martial art should bethe most realistic and effective, but is it so? It combines several differentmartial arts, taking what seems to be useful. This means that a MMA practitionerwill learn one or two things from several different martial arts. Even thoughthis might look logical and practical, this also means that the practitioner willnot excel at any martial art, only in a couple of techniques. Therefore, he orshe would miss the entire point of exercising. Well, that is one angle oflooking at these matters. The other angle focuses on only what can be really useful in the battle.

Kung fu

When martial arts are mentioned, people automatically thinkof Japan. While it is true that most of the known martial arts come from Japan,there are some popular martial arts that originate from other regions. Kung fuis one of those and it comes from China. It became popular in the second pat ofthe 20th century, thanks to the movies which had Bruce Lee playing the mainrole. Some say that the legend of Bruce Lee will never be outshined and that hewas the last true martial artist. To some point, this is true. Many martial artists who were active in the same time as Bruce Lee thought that he was a completefighter. He was short, without an ounce of extra fat, with perfectly definedmuscles but without the excessive muscle mass. He is still popular because ofhis kicks and punches which could throw away the opponent for many yards(something most of the martial artists cannot achieve today). And the main martial art that Bruce Lee used was Kung fu.


Kung fu is interesting because it has several different styles.Kung fu techniques are based on the starting posture and movements. It shouldbe mentioned that one of the famous kung fu postures is praying mantis withpalms positioned down. There are also tiger, monkey and dragon style and they areall based on different movements and combinations. For example, monkey styleemphasizes a lot of movements, while dragon is more focused on hitting the opponent.

It has to be said that mastering any martial art is far fromeasy. This is why many practitioners of traditional martial arts dislike MMAand similar forms, because there is no spiritual aspect of the exercising. Thisaspect is actually the reason why many people become involved with martial arts. Whatever martial art practiced, it is important to keep both body andmind prepared and sharp.

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