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Is life more than just eating, sleeping and procreating? Sadly,99% of people do not have time or willingness to examine what life actually is, and what that energy that is supposedly surrounding us all the time is. This is whyvery few people actually establish the connection to the universal energysource.


There are many ways people try to reach that energy source. Sometry to establish that link with the help of martial arts, especially thosewho come from Asia and have a strong spiritual aspect. For example, aikido isone of the martial arts that have powerful roots in the ground of spiritualand meditative. Even the technique itself is explained as the flow of twoenergies, two partners, not opponents in the everlasting universal energy. Thereis no direct confrontation of those energies, they just pass next to each otherand redirect the directions of each other.

There are also those who seek being one with universalenergy through religion. It is known that some priest, especially those who come from orthodox Christianity are famous for their clairvoyance powers,their abilities to see in the soul of a person and see if a person is good andbad. Some use their abilities to help people, to try and solve some medicalproblems.

Connection between universal energy and religion is verytight and explained in many ways. There are theories that claim that universalenergy source is nothing less than God, or the highest deity in each religion.This might sound logical, because most religions base their doctrines on thefact that there is one highest power, the one power able to do anything, ifit wants.

Energy and body

Eastern, Asian religions offer many theories about this energyand how it flows through the body. Centers of this energy in the body are calledchakras and they are integral parts of 8 energy pathways. Unfortunately, manypeople do not have all energy circles complete and sometimes disruption ofthose circles may cause certain medical problems. Some say and think that actingand being good is one of the ways for reaching that energy source.

Whatever method used for reaching the universal energysource, whatever people might think of this energy generally, there is definitely somethingnot so easily explicable, something that might be higher than us, our good andbad sides, which all seem small in front of that monumental something, whichmight not even be named properly.

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