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Working at home seems like the ideal solution for many mothers who would love to stay at home and raise their own kids, but who also want to bring in an income. Unfortunately, reliable work-at-home jobs may be hard to come by... unless you get creative. So, what are the best at-home careers for moms with young kids?

The internet may have become the main vehicle for work-at-home folks, but that doesn't mean that it pays off to focus on employers that specifically advertise the at-home aspects of the jobs they offer. Call centers that allow workers to answer calls from their home, or programs like Amazon mechanical turk, may look appealing to many people who are first looking into working from their homes. After all, these are companies that offer work from home.

But before you Google (yep, that's a verb these days!) "jobs at home" or something similar, make a list of your own skills first and seriously examine how you can cash in on those. Many degrees can be used to create a wonderful and financially rewarding career from home. Are you a journalist, linguist, accountant, translator, psychologist, math teacher, childcare professional? Just off the top of my head, these are all professions that can be turned into online or offline jobs in the comfort of your own home. And the list doesn't end there where there is no job waiting for you, you may well be able to form your own company and create your own career.

So, what are the best work-at-home jobs for moms? There are, obviously, jobs that don't combine well with children, even if they are done in your home. Work with clients may not be so easy with a toddler running around, and if you're a seamstress, beware of little fingers in your sewing machine. But many jobs can be made to fit just you and your family. In short, the best work-at-home jobs for moms are jobs that you have carefully planned for and created yourself no matter what your profession.

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