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Whether you are still trying to get pregnant or already expecting, expect some big discussions about how your post-baby life will be organized. Of course, deciding if you will be a stay at home parent or return to work soon after your baby's birth is something very personal. These choices are impacted by finances, career ambitions, and many other factors. Here are some benefits of being a stay at home parent.

Since my first daughter was born, I have been like a half-way house I work part time, but from home. The rest of the time, I enjoy seeing my two kids grow up. The benefits of staying at home have been amazing for my family, and although the choice was not easy or straight forward, I am enjoying it every day. How?

Stay at home parents get to see their baby's first smiles, see them learn how to walk, and don't miss a thing. Leaving your baby behind to go to work can be ever so tough. When you stay at home, you don't have to. Finding the right childcare facility is quite the challenge. Besides, for many families childcare is so expensive that it is a financially sound decision to stay at home. Do the math how much money would you take home after paying for childcare? How much money would you be earning per hour after you deduct these expenses? When you stay at home, you will not have to enter into discussions about parenting, food choices, and discipline with care givers. You will be making all of these decisions yourself, and your child's care will be tailored to both your needs by the person who knows the child better than anyone else in the world you! In the early days, breastfeeding will be so much easier if you stay at home. You won't have to pump and can feed your baby on demand. You might have to deal with some breastfeeding in public discussions, though!

Of course, there are plenty of cons to being a stay at home parent as well. Lack of intellectual stimulation and tons of housework come to mind here. What do you think? Will you stay at home or go to work?

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