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Headache Causes

Headaches can be caused by variety of reasons, such ascommon cold or sinusitis, and in some cases people can also suffer frommigraines. This condition might not look very serious, but if you have to work orstudy all day it can be extremely bothersome. It can affect your productivityand seriously disable you.

Late night and lack of regular sleeping patterns may be thereason for your headaches. Being overworked all the time won’t help either, andmay also be the root cause of your problem. Emotional stress, crying, breakupsor loss of a dear person are also known to cause headaches.

Headaches and How to Resolve Them

People who drink a lot of coffee may also experience thisproblem, and no matter how much coffee you drink, your concentration or performancewon’t become better. Headaches that last for a long time may cause many difficulties,especially with co-ordination and sleeping. If you have family to take careabout, headaches can severly compromise that role because you simply can’t dealwith normal everyday activities because of the problem you have.

Women may complain about the headache if they are trying toavoid sex and because of that men tend to take headaches very lightly, consideringthem as the excuse. However, recent studies have shown that one of the bestremedies for headaches women have may be just the avoided sexual intercourse. Mostmen think that a pill can solve everything, including the headaches. But sincethis can be a very serious problem, one that could affect your career andpersonal relationships, it should be considered as such and treated, too.

Pain killers can solve the pain for some time, but sincethey don’t tackle the cause of the problem, these drugs are not the solution,but mare temporary relief. Sneezing can resolve sinusitis headaches, at leastfor a while, and many people induce sneezing by tickling the nasal area.

Another natural remedy for headaches comes from yoga. This isthe type of breathing exercise known as Kapaalbhati pranayam or Kapalbhati breathingand it is believed to give the best results when performed early in the morning. The bestway to learn this method is to have a supervisor or a yoga teacher, who willshow you how to do it properly. You need to inhale and then exhale a breathvery quickly and repeat the process several times. Yoga teachers advise 5 to 7repetitions at one time and it should be performed every morning, since thisis the time when your body is completely refreshed after the sleep. This breathing technique is said to decrease the intensityof headaches and help you completely resolve them.

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