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Many women in their late thirties, and throughout their forties, are choosing to become mothers and it is only fair to talk about the benefits because they do exist of becoming parents a bit later in life. If you are pregnant after 35, stop reading about the figures relating to birth defects for a while, remember that your pregnancy is most likely going just great, and remind yourself of the benefits of becoming a mom after 35. We will start with the cliches surrounding "older" moms, because they are in fact often true.

Women becoming parents later in life are more likely to have completed their education, built up a career, and attained financial stability. While these are not necessarily the things needed to become wonderful parents, we all need stability in our lives, and money does matter. In addition, older mothers are more likely to have got the chance to know themselves. When you accept yourself for who you are, and know your own limits, it can be easier to be a parent. You might be more laid-back and relaxed, and take things as they come. More experience in life can never do any harm, and can only prepare you for the road ahead.

The other positive consequence of this is that other people are less likely to have the uncontrollable urge to tell you how you should organize your life and mother your child. Having said that, being pregnant and having kids is great at any age and every stage of life has its own advantages and disadvantages. Life doesn't always go the way we want, and sometimes, sitting back and enjoying the ride is the best approach. We're all different, and most of us can make great parents whether we're 20 or 45. Also see, pregnant after 35 what are the risks? And trying to conceive in your forties.

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