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Bikram Yoga or popularly called “Hot Yoga”, is the practice of a series of yoga asanas ( different yoga poses)practiced in an intentionally over-heated area ( 95 to 105 degrees Farenheit). The reason for such practice is that it has been proved that heat helps the muscles to relax faster. The creator of this practice is Bikram Choudhury.

Generally yoga helps people to harmonize body, spirit and mind. It also increase awareness of oneself. Yoga including Bikram yoga starts with breathing exercises to bring relaxation to one’s body and mind, further on it contains slow and gentle stretching and doing asanas .

Since Bikram Yoga is practiced in hot room one will sweat heavily and thus detox their body, lose weight, reshape their body and strengthen their muscles. One will also improve their posture, balance, coordination and generally look younger. They will feel more open, relaxed and will have more positive energy. It is highly important for people practicing this type of yoga to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydratation. Bikram Yoga can be practiced by all people no matter whether young or old and no matter whether fit or not. The only necessary condition is an approval from one’s physician.

One session of Bikram Yoga might include Pranayama Breathing (excellent way to relax), Half Moon Pose ( helps relieve lower back pain, gets rid of constipation, good for bronchi etc), Awkward Pose (opens pelvic area, improves flexibility etc), Eagle Pose (improves sexual energy and functioning of central nervous system etc), Standing Head to Knee Pose (improves concentration etc), Standing Bow Pose ( good for circulation, ease back pain, helps spine being elastic), Balancing Stick Pose ( pumps blood through system and thus clears blockages in arteries), Separate Legs Stretching ( gets rid of acidity, helps fighting obesity, increases circulation etc), Triangle Pose ( good for kidneys, helps cardio-vascular problems), Standing Separate Leg Head to Knee ( fights diabetes, obesity, helps thyroid, improves sugar balance in blood, good for pancreas and kidneys), Dead body Pose (increases circulation, first step in relaxation), Tree Pose (good for hips and knees), Toe Stand ( improves balance), Wind Removing Pose (fights constipation, gently massages colon), Sit Ups (good for abdomen), Cobra postures ( keep one’s spine healthy and elastic), Fixed Firm ( makes lower spine, knees and joints flexible), Camel (strengthens muscles), Rabbit (one can relax and enjoy in this pose), Half Tortoise (deep relaxation) etc.As one can see different asanas have huge range of impacts on one’s body bringing one closer to general health and satisfaction with their life.

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