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What are the benefits of fitness

Increased physical activity has many benefits. It affects the improvement of physical appearance, losing excess weight, improves muscle and bone performance, increases lung capacity, increases immunity, overcomes mental imbalance, increases life energy, solves sleep disorders, eliminates consequences of stress, lowers blood pressure, regulates metabolism, etc.

Food intake provides energy input in the body that is measured in calories. The three main consumers of calories are physical and mental activity and the metabolic operations. Physical activity requires the most energy. The largest consumer of calories is metabolism which must be induced by increasing physical activity to burn the calories in the desired amount.

Although mental activity consumes a lot of energy, people who want to lose weight should not rely on this rule. People who are emotionally unbalanced, depressed and burdened by a variety of concerns often have a characteristic line - shrunken cheeks, which expresses the increased spending of calories by persistent negative thoughts. However, there are people trying to overcome psychological dissatisfaction with increased intake of mostly poor quality food. In these situations, even though calories have been burned rapidly due to mental stress, junk food exaggeration has counter effect, burdening the body.

The main function of metabolism is to convert food into energy ensuring the normal functioning of organs and regeneration of damaged tissues. This function is performed whether the organism is in motion or at rest. People who want to loose weight imply periodic increased strain of the organism and allocation of time for his recovery. In this way metabolism burn calories during exercise and during rest when body makes more efforts to compensate lost energy.

When start out with fitness generally expects better body figure and losing weight. Besides that, fitness causes many benefits to the overall physical condition.

Increasing physical activity affects the increased production life energy. It is necessary to activate a little more and to eat healthy and Mother Nature will do the rest. People who are physically active have a faster metabolism, and thus much faster burn calories.

Fitness improves the response of the brain to nerve impulses. People with poor condition have slower reactions to certain signals their body sends which in certain situations can have serious consequences. In addition, physical activity improves concentration and mood.

It is known that physical activity strengthens muscles. But why it is important? The muscles, ligaments and tendons associated hold together skeleton. So, as muscles are stronger, bones and their development will be safer. Weakened muscles are not able to hold the bones, which can lead to their deformation.

Given that the heart is pumping muscle, which supplies the entire body with blood, his training means increasing its strength.

Fitness increases lung capacity. This means that physical activity accelerates respiration, increasing the flow of air through the lungs. So it collect and spread more than usual, bringing more oxygen through the alveoli into the body and dropping more toxic gases.

The main reason to start fitness is a desire for better-looking body figure. This certainly achieves by regular exercise. However, fitness has the same effect on facial muscles. People make faces when exercise because of the effort they make and then they don’t look particularly attractive. However, grimacing tightens facial muscles, improving their appearance and self confidence.

If the desired goals are attained by fitness it is very important that not to stop with physical activity. Fitness should be understood as a way of life because of the numerous benefits that have on human health and appearance.

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