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Besides being a symbol of luxury, the spa Jacuzzi has a number of mental health benefits arising from the hydro-massage with warm water. Immersion in the luxurious bubbles is the best way to heat when it is cold, and vice versa. Also, the spa is the best possible way to relax the tired body after a hard working day, it relieves stress and allows spending the most beautiful moments with friends and family.

Spa Jacuzzi technology combines the properties of water - buoyancy, viscosity and hydrostatic pressure providing muscle treatment, especially for the neck, shoulders and back.

Buoyancy or floating water effect allows the body to reach almost weightlessness unloading the muscles, tendons and joints. Jacuzzi uses this property by combining it with various techniques of massage which is a very effective method of relaxation. Property of semi- buoyancy, achieved in the Jacuzzi allows implementation of specific stretching exercises in water that improve balance and increase body strength.

Viscosity or a mild water resistance together with air which heats the water provides relieving pain, strengthening the body and reducing the risk of further injury.

Hydrostatic pressure has very significant benefits for improving blood circulation and functioning of the heart and lung. Exercises, which on dry may look banal, in Jacuzzi with the presence of hydrostatic pressure can significantly contribute to improving the functioning of the heart and lungs.

The combined contribution of these three properties can be observed in the case of patients with osteoporosis. Light exercise which includes circling of shoulders and arms under the water can significantly contribute to increasing mobility and strength of the neck and shoulders. The velocity of water provides a resistance, strengthening the muscles and flotation prevents arms to fall what would certainly happen out of the water, causing pain.

Given the advantages of the above presented every man should think about buying the Jacuzzi with hydrotherapy properties. It is known that the Jacuzzi is a symbol of luxury, which indicates that it isn’t cheap at all. In other words, on the market it can be found cheap versions of tub, but in this case it is necessary to examine its quality. In any case, the safest thing when shopping Jacuzzi is that it is produced by validated manufacturers from America and Western Europe, who give a long guarantee on its products. So, although paying higher price it will actually be investing in their own health, considering the benefits it offers.

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