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Cycling is widely regarded as one of the best ways of achievinggood health and fitness and even provides a longer lifespan. The fitness level ofa person who is regularly cycling can be compared to that of a person at leastten years younger.

The health benefits of cycling can refer to individuals and tothe society as a whole as well. Sometimes, cycling can be combined with otheractivities in order to achieve some goals easily.

Cycling strengthens the immune system, which protects thebody from infections and various systemic diseases, decreases the activity oftumor cells and prevents the body from illnesses related to tumors.

If a person is inactive for a week, the strength of themuscular system gets reduced by 50 percent. Cycling activates all the musclesand the legs are in charge of pedaling, abdomen and back muscles maintain thebalance, shoulders and arms support the body at the handlebars. Cycling has apositive effect on strengthening and increasing the mobility of the skeletalsystem, as well as on bone density. The likelihood of back pains and other spinalproblems is greatly reduced by cycling due to the stimulation of the smallspinal muscles. Cycling provides a good amount of energy and metabolic products for the cartilage, protecting the joints and reducing the risk of arthritis.

Cycling provides a great inner balance and equilibrium andstabilizes emotional functions. Hormonal balance can be established and mentalstress gets relieved easily. Cycling brings good circulation and respirationdue to a considerable intake of oxygen during the activity. Cycling strengthensthe heart and reduces the risk of heart attack by 50 percent. Weight lossprograms can also benefit greatly from regular cycling. It reduces the bodyweight and optimizes the levels of cholesterol in the body. High blood pressurecan be effectively reduced by cycling. Cycling can reduce the risk of varioustypes of cancer, as well.

The body strain is less than in other activities and thatleads to the development of extraordinary stamina. Cycling affects body weightand muscular form, as well as the metabolic process. Cycling can provide a person with intensive activity if need be,by faster pedaling.

Cycling brings many good things for our health and provides physical andemotional benefits, and it can be said that it actually enhances the quality ofeveryday life. Society can also benefit a lot from cycling since it is thehealthiest alternative to air-polluting motor vehicles.

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