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Soy milk is a fluid received from soaking soy beans intowater and then grinding them. Soy milk is actually as easy to make as itsounds, so it can be even tried at home with the most basic appliances.

Of course, the soy milk one buys in a supermarket isenriched with some additional flavors containing calcium or vitamins. Vanillaand chocolate are the most frequently used ones. What many people don’t likeabout soy milk is that it doesn’t have the creamy texture of regular cow milk,but it has a sort of beanish taste. However, this can be covered up to anextent by adding water, oils or sugar. This is the fact that its benefits arebecoming increasingly recognized, makes soy milk more and more appealing topeople.

Thinking about using soy milk instead of cow milk has someperks regarding health which are not to be neglected.

First of all, soy milk contains vegetable proteins onlywhich prevents a significant loss of calcium and helps to preserve the bone quality.

Besides that, soy milk doesn’t contain lactose, the sugar inmilk, which may be appealing to many as more than half of world population islactose intolerant.

Also, the possibility of an allergic reaction to soy milk isnext to nothing, while that is not the case with cow milk, since many morepeople are in fact allergic to it.

Many people may have problems with cholesterol nowadays becauseit is found everywhere from meat to dairy products. Cow milk containsfats which increase the cholesterol. On the other hand, soy milk does not only not increase he cholesterol, but it actually reduces it, thereby reducing the riskof heart problems.

Cow’s milk also has both natural and artificial hormoneswhich can tamper with our metabolism, and soy milk is completely hormone-free.

Some scientific studies have found a connection between theconsumption of cow milk in the early stages of life and the appearance ofinsulin dependent diabetes. Although this is not confirmed, such a connectioncannot be made with soy at all.

Finally, the greatest benefit of soy milk is theexistence of isoflavones, a type of estrogen received from soybeans. Thissubstance is incredibly beneficial for one’s health and the presence of itis responsible for the prevention of any of the aforementioned possibleproblems. It is thanks to isoflavones that cholesterol is reduced and that thebones are stronger, but it also eases the side effects of menopause anddecreases the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

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