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Each person starts their lives with mother’s milk. While growing up, many people give up on drinking milk on a daily basis because they think it is too childish or are perhaps too worried about gaining excess weight.

Some people rely on supplements for calcium and vitamin ingestion and choose not to intake these important nutrients by drinking milk. Milk is good for the overall health for many reasons.

Unlike vitamin or calcium supplements, milk is very beneficial in avoiding colon cancer, hypertension and osteoporosis. Drinking milk on a regular basis provides protection from tooth decay and problems with cavities. If a child refuses to drink ordinary milk, it can be substituted by chocolate milk since it does not pose any risks of tooth decay. People who think that they will gain weight by drinking milk should not worry because it does not contribute any fat at all. Milk provides vitamins and minerals which are good for overall health and it actually helps in keeping the body slim.

Milk is very beneficial for heartburn and it efficiently calms the inflamed condition of the food pipe. It prevents heartburn from occurring and takes care of various other gastric problems. Milk also strengthens the bones, teeth, hair and nails and keeps the body flexible because it is very rich in calcium.

Milk acts as an excellent appetizer and a stimulant at any time of day.

Hot milk before bedtime soothes the nerves, relaxes muscle tension, relieves stress after a hard day and helps in falling asleep. Milk can also be substituted for water on some occasions in order to keep the body properly hydrated. It cools off the body and maintains a healthy balance of fluids. It is also great for replenishing the body with the fluids after a heavy workout.

Milk is great in relieving stress and boosting the energy levels in the body so it comes in very handy in reducing the symptoms of pre-menstrual syndrome.

It also provides the body with so many different nutrients required by the human body to function properly. Vitamins are good for red blood cells, calcium strengthens the bones, carbohydrates provide energy, magnesium brings supple muscles, phosphorus is used for the utilization of energy, potassium keeps the nervous system healthy, proteins are good for growth and faster healing processes, riboflavin keeps the skin healthy and zinc boosts the immune system.

Milk improves the amount of calcium during pregnancy. It can be added to a daily diet in so many different and useful ways. People who are allergic to lactose or other milk ingredients must rely on supplements for a proper ingestion of calcium and vitamins found in milk.

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