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Soy is annual plant rich in proteins, lecithin and vitamin E as well as isoflavones genistein and daidzein. It possesses enormous beneficial potentials. It can be consumed in variety of forms such as soy milk, tofu or it can be cooked or fried. For all those who do not consume enough meet especially vegetarians and vegans soy presents the natural source of proteins. No matter what form of soy is consumed it is recommendable for one to eat it regularly as it may help in prevention of certain diseases and maintenance of health in general.

Diseases of the heart can be prevented by regular consumption of soy. This is explained with the presence of isoflavone genistein. Genistein increases the elasticity of blood vessels. Cholesterol is responsible for atherosclerosis. The soy decreases the levels of bad cholesterol in blood hence reduces the risk of atherosclerosis and resulting heart conditions such as heart attack or stroke.

People must be aware of the fact that even though soy does not contain significant amounts of calcium it is beneficial for bones. This can be again explained by the presence of isoflavones which are powerful fighters against osteoporosis. This condition is present less in people who regularly eat soy or its products.

All the women who are experiencing menopause know how the condition can be irritating and interfere in daily activities. What is astonishing is that epidemiological data from Asia have confirmed that women from this country had been suffering from menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes less than women from Western Europe. This can be explained by the fact that Asian women tend to eat more soy. Soy is oflavones present effects similar to those of estrogen and this hormone helps in dealing with majority of menopausal symptoms.

Several studies have confirmed beneficial effects of soy consumption in prevention of certain cancers. Cancers which are related to hormones such as prostate, breast and colon cancer may be prevented to certain extend if soy is eaten regularly. Still data on soy effects onto the prostate cancer are the most promising ones. On the other hand, in case of breast cancer some researchers are against soy as it may, due to its estrogen-like effects, cause more damage than help in women who are suffering from breast cancer. But what has been proven up to these days is that phytoestrogens originating from soy might block the estrogen receptors hence decrease the risk of breast cancer development.

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