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Almost everyone knows that eating soy on a regular basis isvery healthy, and numerous scientific studies have shown that it reallyprovides the human body with various different types of benefits. Men sometimesavoid consuming soy because it contains abundant amounts of isoflavones.Isoflavones are in charge of production of estrogen, and estrogen is the femalehormone. Certain scientific studies have shown that it is perfectly safe formen to consume soy in any quantities, as it will not interfere with thehormonal balances in their bodies. Anyonewho has tried to eat soy in large quantities may confirm that it is not an easytask at all. Various medical and scientific studies have shown that the mostbeneficial types of soy based products are tofu and soy milk. Contrary to thepopular belief, soy sauce is not that beneficial because it contains soy onlyin small amounts. Soy should not be consumed in its raw form.

Health Benefits of Cooked Soy

Soy is very beneficial for the overall health, strength anddevelopment of the bones. It may also come in very handy when it comes to theprevention and treatment of certain bone related medical conditions such asosteoporosis. Soy can be combined with certain food items which are low incholesterol and saturated fat in order to decrease the levels of badcholesterol in the blood and increase the levels of good cholesterol in theblood. Ingestion of 25 grams of soy on a regular daily basis keeps all thecholesterol related symptoms at bay. Soy is a type of food characterized by avery low glycemic index, which means that it may come in very handy for allthose who suffer from diabetes as it does not raise the levels of sugar in theblood. Soy is an excellent source of proteins, so it is of great help for allthose who want to build lean muscle mass. It should be noted that soy shouldnot be consumed in excessive amounts. Soy may be very efficient in prevention againstprostate cancer, because it contains abundant amounts of isoflavones. It is ascientifically observed fact that those who live in Asian countries suffer fromprostate cancer a lot less than the people who live in the Western countries. Thisis the main reason why it is suspected that the isoflavones from the soy may beof some help when it comes to the prevention.

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