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The scientific name for the goat milk is Capra hircus, and this milk is widely used through out the world. If you are allergic to cow milk, goat milk is a good replacement. Still, in the scientific world, it is not clear why some people who are intolerant to a cow’s milk, can drink goat milk without any allergic problems. It might be connected to the specific proteins that are presented in the cow milk. Some studies have discovered that there are anti-inflammatory compounds presented in the goat milk, and, because of that, goat milk is easier to digest. Goat milk is also used for the replacement of a cow milk based formulas for their infants. For older children, it is very advisable to drink goat milk because it is full of natrium and calcium. Calcium plays an important role in our body, and thanks to calcium, our bones are stronger, while calcium phosphate gives our bones the structure.


The goat milk is better than any other supplement. That is especially important for young girls who grow very fast in the puberty, since, because of that, their bones are changing. The goat milk in any form is good for the body, it doesn’t matter if it is a milk, cheese or a yogurt. According to a study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a yogurt is good for the slimmer silhouette and it is a scientific fact. An experiment that was conducted on 20 women showed that fat oxidation was 20 times higher in women that were on a high calcium diet, in comparison to the women on a low calcium control group. So, it means that you are free to enjoy the benefits of goat milk or a cottage cheese. It is also good as a protection from a breast cancer and is a good source of riboflavin. Riboflavin is a B vitamin that plays a major role in the energy production. On the other side, it is responsible for the reduction of the migraine headaches in people who suffer from them. Goat’s milk is source of proteins and potassium, which is the mineral responsible for maintaining normal blood pressure and heart function. At the end, do not be fooled with prejudices that goat’s milk has a strong taste. Try it and you will discover that not only is it healthier, but the taste of it is delicious as well.

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