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Information on Soy Milk

Everyone knows that soy beans are actually very healthy andthat they are loaded with dietary fiber, different types of vitamins andvarious essential minerals and proteins. Most people think that the same can besaid for the soy milk but it can also be associated with certain types ofunwanted side effects. There are a large number of people everywhere around theglobe who are diagnosed as lactose intolerant so they cannot enjoy the benefitsof the ordinary milk.

Those people usually get advised to start drinking soymilk instead of its ordinary counterpart. Vegans also consume numerous productsbased on soy in order to intake sufficient amounts of proteins. One should firstget informed before opting to drink soy milk instead of the ordinary cow milk.

Side Effects of Soy Milk

There are numerous companies and manufacturers who advertisethe benefits of their soy products and they have all been around for severaldecades. All of them ignored the risks that sometimes may be affiliated withthe consumption of soy milk. Soy milk is not fermented so that means that itcontains phytic acid in significant amounts.

This chemical compound can be veryharmful as it may affect the body’s ability to absorb different types ofvitamins and essential minerals in the digestive system. This occurrence maylead to certain types of deficiencies and other medical conditions. Withoutproper amounts of calcium, iron or iodine there is no way for a human body tofunction normally.

Soy milk also contains certain other chemical compounds calledphytoestrogens which can be in charge of certain hormonal changes andimbalances in menopausal women. The same substances can also be heldresponsible for premature puberty in children and sometimes they may even beassociated with certain types of cancer such as breast cancer.

Soy milk alsocontains isoflavones which are very harmful for the overall health of a personand they may be associated with the occurrence of certain severe types ofmedical conditions such as leukemia.

These substances may also cause a lowersperm count in men. Soy milk also contains goitrogens which may be very harmfulas they are known for suppressing the normal functions of the thyroid gland.

They may cause the gland to become enlarged and they can also cause certainother medical problems. Soy milk may also be harmful to the reproductivesystem, kidney, the central nervous system and it may also be affiliated withdifferent types of allergic reactions.

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