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Soy itself is very healthy and has been one of the most popular plants in China and Japan for centuries. Nowadays, the cultivation and the production of this plant are spread worldwide, thanks to not so long ago acknowledged health benefits of soy. The most popular characteristic of soy is that it is the best substitute for meat and meat products, thus, it is one of the basic foods for the vegetarians and vegans, because it is very rich in proteins. Therefore, all the products made from soy, such as soy yogurt, tofu, soybeans, soya sauce, soy milk, and many more, are very nutrient and beneficial.Precautions

The soymilk is appropriate for those who cannot drink the regular milk of cows or for those who are intolerant to lactose. But, sometimes, the allergy in an individual could be provoked by the most beneficial ingredient of soy – the soy protein, but those allergic attacks are often very mild. And, surprisingly, one can be allergic just to one type of the soy product, and not to soy in general.

Also, there is another possible harmful effect of the other most beneficial soy nutrient, which is called isoflavone, on the thyroid gland. To be more exact, this chemical can cause this gland to be underactive. But, this syndrome is restricted only to the people who have a lack of iodine and who are already prone to suffer from hypothyroidism.

The benefits of soy milk

Nevertheless, those nutrients have a lot more of the beneficial effect on health. And, one of the most important is the very trendy issue about the benefits of the soya milk, in fact, of the mentioned isoflavones, on preventing and even minimizing various kinds of cancerous conditions. The great benefits are already shown in the cases of the prostate, breast and the colon cancer.

Also, equally popular is the benefit of the milk from soy on the heart related problems. It is already the praxis to include this product into the eating program focused on the reduction of the amount of the cholesterol (actually, the harmful type of it) in the blood. Besides that, the soya milk plays an important role in the diet for lowering the sugar levels (since it is very rich in fibers and low in glucose), and, consequently, it lowers the risk from getting diabetes, and at the same time successfully lessens the amount of the sugar in the blood flow. And, finally, this milk is an important part of the hormonal treatment for menopause.

Being a protector from the radio waves, another beneficial ingredient of the soya milk called genistein, promises a lot of improvements in the treatment of the eye problems, such as cataract, for example.

Other than that, isoflavones are very likely to improve the absorption of the calcium, thus having a very beneficial effect on the bone structure.

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