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Good or Not?

An ever increasing number of people turn their back on cow milk and choose soy milk and products instead. This is due to numerous stories how cow's milk is not as healthy as soy milk is. People who decide to eat nothing of animal origin such as vegans, choose soy products in general, not only settling for milk.

Although naturally, soy milk should be perfectly safe and, if prepared right, beneficial for your health, most people do not know how to make it. Therefore, they buy processed products which, even though claimed to be extremely healthy, when consumed in larger quantities can be potentially dangerous for one's well being. This is so due to numerous additives which are added to the product in order to enhance its color, smell and many other things making it look more like regular milk. All this being said, one needs to know all the drawbacks such products have when consumed for a longer period of time, in order to be aware of possible health dangers.

Downsides of Soy Milk

First of all, males should know that excessive consumption of processed soy milk may lead to a significant decrease in their sperm count due to smaller testosterone production it causes. Moreover, it may cause early adolescence and puberty. Also, specific acids this product contains may decrease mineral absorption in one's organism causing numerous complications.

Secondly women have something to be afraid as well, regarding soy milk bought in supermarkets. Namely, if a woman intakes soy milk too much too often, she might end up with a breast cancer or several other types of this terminal disease. Additionally, excessive consumption of this product may cause infertility with women.

As for some other side-effects to which both sexes are prone, there is nausea, dizziness, running nose, diarrhea, and many others. Parents should be extremely careful since their children may suffer from several brain-related conditions if they consume too much soy milk. Dyslexia, learning difficulties as well as concentration incapability are all possible problems.

Besides possibly causing growth or cortex problems, this product may also trigger numerous allergies and skin problems. Also, those suffering from asthma may want to know that soy milk may cause them chronic pain. Finally, fatigue, constant sleepiness and lack of strength are all connected to excessive intake of this product.

These, however, are just some of the problems soy milk is capable of provoking. This list goes on, since there have been many more cases of side-effects. All in all, soy milk does have plenty to offer as well. Therefore, carefully take both sides into consideration and benefit from moderate consumption of the safest products.

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