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Asian and American ginseng is thetwo most commonly used species of the genus Panax. They are both harvested fromthe wild and cultivated. There is also a cheaper alternative, the Siberianginseng but it does not contain the beneficial active ingredients.

Ginseng improves thinking andlearning, especially when combined with gingko biloba. It is also veryefficient in lowering the levels of sugar in the blood in patients who sufferfrom type two diabetes. Oral intake of ginseng reduces the risk of varioustypes of cancer. Ginseng improves all the pulmonary functions and increases theexercise capacities in patients who suffer from the chronic obstructivepulmonary disease. It may also benefit the persons suffering from congestiveheart failure. When combined with several other herb species it reduces thesymptoms of coronary artery diseases.

Many athletes commonly useginseng in order to improve their stamina. It is also very efficient in treatedfatigue which may be caused by various factors. Ginseng accelerates therecovery from anal fistula as well. Ginseng also stimulates the activity ofimmune cells in the human body and improves the efficiency of antibioticsduring healing processes. It also enhances one’s response to influenzavaccines. Ginseng can also be helpful in decreasing intracranial pressure andbenefit the patients who are in a coma.

Ginseng lowers the systolic and diastolicblood pressure. It improves the blood counts in anemic patients and relievesdepression without changing the hormone levels in women with menopausalsymptoms. Ginseng is also very efficient in decreasing the symptoms ofmethicillin-resistan staphylococcus aurous. When mixed with certain other typesof herbs it has therapeutic benefits for the patients suffering frommulti-infarct dementia.

Ginseng improves overall mentalhealth and social functioning, especially in the older patients. It positivelyaffects the overall sense of well-being. It may also cause improvement ofconditions in patients suffering from viral myocarditis and some other cardiaccomplications.

There are so many differentconditions and disease which can benefit from the therapeutic use of ginseng.These include aging, Alzheimer’s disease, various allergic reactions, breastcancer, burns, convulsions, digestive complications, dizziness, fever,hangovers, heart damage, influenza, various kidney diseases, male infertility,migraines, neuralgia, palpitations, prostate cancer, senile dementia, sexualsymptoms, spontaneous sweating, stressful situations, infections of the upperrespiratory tract, vomiting, weight loss, strokes, herpes, stomach ulcers,brain injuries, malignant tumors, tolerance of morphine, premature ejaculation,memory losses, menopause problems, cystic fibrosis and so many other differentconditions.

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