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Dandelion may be more popular as an ornamental plant becauseit looks wonderful, but it also has many health benefits because it is very richin vitamins, iron, calcium and detoxifiers.

The health benefits of dandelion include relief from liverdisorders, diabetes, urinary disorders, and acne.

Dandelion’s rich amounts of calcium, vitamin C and Luteolinare very helpful for the growth and strength of bones. It protects the bonesfrom the free radical damage. Antioxidants found in dandelions protect the liver from aging, stimulateit and promote digestion.

Dandelion juice stimulates the production ofinsulin from the pancreas and therefore keeps the blood sugar levels low. By itsdiuretic nature, it helps diabetic patients in removing the extra sugar fromthe body by means of more frequent urination.

These properties alsosuccessfully remove the sugar deposition found in the kidneys through urine,and as all bitter substances do, it keeps the sugar levels in blood low. Thediuretic nature of dandelions also cleans the toxic substances from the kidneysand the urinary tract.

Dandelion sap is used to treat microbial and fungalinfections connected with various skin diseases, although one should take careand avoid its contact with eyes. It also makes for a great acne treatment.Dandelion juice provides a proper balance and secretion of hormones andincreased sweating and widens up the pores. The sap inhibits microbial infectionusually affiliated with acne.

Dandelion helps in losing weight without any side effectsdue to its diuretic nature. The vitamin C and luteolin are very efficient inreducing the free radicals and therefore reducing the cancer risk. Jaundice isa condition when the liver produces too much bile and gets it into the blood streamand damages the metabolism by doing so.

One should check the bile productionfirst, remove any excess bile from the body and then treat the viral infection.Dandelion reduces bile production, promotes its extraction by urinating andalso helps in fighting the aforementioned viral infection. It also greatlyimproves the gall bladder and liver’s functioning and provides protection fromoxidants and infections.

High amounts of iron in dandelion are of great help toanemic people. By promoting urination, it helps in lowering high blood pressures. A dandelion’s fibers are very helpful for the reduction of bad cholesterol and itspotassium keeps the blood pressure levels low by means of replacing sodium inblood.

Dandelions are great in promoting digestion and verybeneficial for the digestive tract since they can also be used as a vegetable.

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