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Information on Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most popular Chinese herbs and it iscommonly used in the traditional medicine as a very potent anti-aging supplement,rejuvenator and body tonic. The Chinese have used it in their traditionalmedicine for numerous centuries, and nowadays it is one of the most populartypes of herbal remedies. There are eleven different species of this perennial plantwhich belongs to the genus of Panax which comes from the family of Araliaceae,but the three most common ones are the American, Siberian and Oriental. Americanginseng is known by its scientific name of panax quinquefolium and it can onlybe harvested by licensed harvester. It is a potent adaptogen and it is commonlyused as an aphrodisiac and for the treatment of sexual dysfunction in malepatients. Quite often its root is available in a dry form, usually sliced.Ginseng leaves can also be used when they are in their dry form. Oriental ginsengis known by its botanical name Panax Ginseng as well. It is commonly grown inKorea and China. It is also a potent adaptogen, just like its Americancounterpart. Siberian ginseng is also botanically known as eleutherococcussenticosus but it actually is not a ginseng plant. It has a woody root and itcontains eleutherosides instead of ginsenosides. Both of these types ofchemical compounds are adaptogens. Siberian ginseng is only a distantderivative of the Oriental species of ginseng. It is the easiest one tocultivate and also the cheapest one. Ginseng is often contains in some types oftea, cosmetic preparations and energy drinks.

Health Benefits of Ginseng

Ginseng is a potent adaptogen and it controls the bloodpressure very efficiently. It can also be used as a tonic because it is veryhelpful in stimulating the immune system, enhancing the memory, boosting the levelsof energy, improving one’s performance and relieving the stress. Ginseng mayalso come in very handy when it comes to enhancing the functioning of theliver, lungs, the central nervous system and the circulatory system. Ginseng isvery efficient in curing impotence and improving the sexual functioning in men.It is also very good at increasing the levels of estrogen in women, which maybe of great help for all those who suffer from menopausal symptoms. Ginseng mayalso be used for the prevention and treatment of certain other medical conditionssuch as fatigue, lack of appetite, poor circulation, poor concentration andcognitive abilities, pulmonary problems, insomnia, tumors, chest problems,diabetes, common colds and various others.

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