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The aromatherapy has only recently become a part of our daily lives. Various bubble baths that improves memory, scented handkerchiefs that calms down persons entering MRI, or kitchen cleaners that stops nausea and give you energy are only some of the examples. Aromatherapy works by using some stimulating scents that can boost immune system or body’s ability to fight infections. In some cases, aromatherapy can help to fight cancer.

Healing and Oils

Essential oils used in aromatherapy can complement cancer treatments or directly stimulate immune system. Certain kind of aromatic oils can also have antibacterial properties or stimulate lymphatic drainage. Also disease and disorders that can benefit from aromatherapy may be sleep disorders, cancer, nausea, anxiety management, help with general relaxation, attention and memory.

There are varieties of products today on the market together with various methods of aromatherapy oils that can help you to benefit from it. Some oils can be applied directly to the skin, like sandalwood, lavender or ylang ylang. Other oils are far more concentrated and needed to be diluted with other massage oils, lotions or bath soaps.

For everyday use recommendation is to put a few drops of an oil or combination of several of them into the handkerchief and then smell it. Burning incenses and oils is not recommended because some of them may give off unhealthy fumes.

Aromatherapy’s Role in Cancer Treatments

Although it is very difficult to conduct a serious study bout usage of aromatherapy in cases of cancer patients, but research will be aimed in areas of aromatherapy treatment of skin burns, caused by radiation rearmaments in cancer therapy. Also because aromatherapy is safe, effective and have no side effects, it can help with management of loss of memory issues in cancer survivors and calming the pre-treatments anxieties.

Who should not Use Oils?

Although aromatherapy has no known side effect, it does have chemical properties that can enter the blood stream and affect brain. Also in some cancer patients, combination of common cancer therapies like radiation therapy or chemotherapy and aromatherapy can be lethal. Also aromatherapy can in some cases increase person’s sensitivity to the sunshine.

Pregnant and nursing women should avoid all types of aromatherapy oils that stimulate the uterus like basil, juniper, star anise, peppermint, rose and others. Patients with diabetes should avoid angelica oil, while people with high blood pressure should stay away from rosemary, hyssop, thyme and sage.

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