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Himalayan Salt origins from minesat the base of Himalayas, and it come in a form of crystal salt. It is thelargest base of salt in the world and it dates from Precambrian age. The saltstarted to accumulate 250 million years ago, under a high tectonic pressure andcreated free of toxins and pollutants source of salt. The salt today isextracted manually, so salt stays in their natural state and contents 84natural minerals needed to our body.

The scientific evidence ofHimalayan salt benefits is not clear yet, but the healing properties of salt,for local population, are not a novelty. Himalayan salt, a royal salt, was usedfor medicinal baths ever so 300 B.C. For now, it is clear that Himalayan Saltmay postpone aging: it may improve health, improve vascular system,respiratory, blood sugar...

How it Works

The salt contributes withnegative ions in environment in order to neutralize harmful effects of positiveions, released by television, refrigerators, computers etc. Himalayan salt makesalt crystals fill the air with positive ions. It is proved that such treatmentmay release from anxiety. The salt may be used anywhere and it clears the air.There are salt candles and lamps with Himalaya Salt on the market.

The candles are useful during themeditation or massage sessions or at the psychiatrist to calm down patients. Itis highly recommended for people who suffer from allergy. The salt istransparent, pink or white and there are various uses either in the cooking oras the therapeutic help.

Himalayan Salt Benefits:

1) Himalayan Salt may benefit the following: mineral repository, improve sleep, makes a healthy libido, cuts down muscle cramps, balance the blood sugar levels, enhance the vascular system.

2) Himalayan Salt improves respiratory system and clear sinus problems.

3) Himalayan Salt digests and improves better absorption of nutrients at theintestines.

4) Himalayan Salt keeps optimum water levels in the body.

5) Himalayan Salt improves homeostasis in the body and keeps electrolytes andchemicals in balance, to do usual biological functions.

6) Himalayan Salt empowers bones and reduces arthritis, rheumatism, and gout.

7) Himalayan Salt do not loads the body, treats high blood pressure and regulatesblood pressure.

8) Himalayan Salt maintains specific pH level in body.

9) Himalayan Salt decreases risk of kidney disorder or creation of a gall bladderstones.

10) Himalayan Saltrenovates aging process.

11) Himalayan Salt balancesthe optimum pH level of a brain cells.

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