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There are said to be numerous health benefits that can be gained through physical exercise. Regular physical activity has been proven to hold countless positive health effects, particularly with regard to the health of ones heart. The heart is essentially a pump, and exercise can serve to strengthen this pump. Exercise can make the heart a larger, more powerful, and more efficient muscle. It is important to get as much exercise as possible, as even moderate activity can be a boost to ones 'good'cholesterol levels. It can also provide benefits with regard to the circulatory system, and the lowering of blood pressure. Other benefits can also be gained through exercise, including increased flexibility, strengthened muscles, and stronger bones. One might also be able to improve mental health through the reduction of stress and anxiety.
Exercise and our bodies
Anyone can benefit from activity. Many people in the modern world are not active enough. That is to say, they do not get enough exercise. Every year, about a quarter of a million people die from heart disease that is attributable to lack of exercise. For the most part, laziness is the prime motivator when it comes to inactivity. Many people also work jobs that do not permit the undertaking of regular exercise. A lot of us also rely heavily on technology that helps us to reduce effort, such as cars or power tools.
It is important to note that exercise should not be considered to be exclusive to the young, super fit or athletic. Exercise is for everyone. We all need it. Even low intensity activity, such as gardening for example, can lead to positive effects with regard to our physical fitness.
When trying to boost our physical fitness, or to lose weight, it is important to burn more calories than one consumes. Roughly, every three thousand five hundred calories burned will result in the shedding of one pound. Strenuous exercise will result in a hastening of the calorie burning process. However, prolonged but gentler activity will usually lead to the same results.
Exercise builds up muscle and gets rid of fat. Muscle tends to weigh more than fat, so one should not be worried if the pounds are not dropping off as dramatically as expected. Instead, pay more attention to how your clothes fit and other potential indicators of weight loss. The more exercise you get, the more calories that will be burned. As a result of exercising, the metabolism will be increased and thus the rate of calorie burning will be increased.

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