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Hula hooping is a very fun activity for the exercising oflegs, hips, buttocks and back. Hula hooping dates back to the times of ancientGreece and in those days it was made from wood and vines and sometimes fromcertain types of metal. Nowadays they are made from plastics which are muchsafer than wood or metal. It was introduced as a toy in the 14thcentury in Great Britain. Its name comes from watching Hula dancing of theHawaii natives who uses the hoops in their traditional dances.

So, hula hooping might date back to the ancientcivilizations of Greece and Egypt but it is still a very beneficial exercisesince it can burn up to 200 calories during a 30 minute workout. It is anaerobic type of exercise and it is very healthy because it strengthens theentire body and increases its flexibility. It is also one of the most creativeand fun ways to lose excess weight.

Hula hooping might seem childish to some, but it is still avery exhausting exercise. Hula hoops can be bought in the shops that sellvarious sport accessories and those who are meant to be used for exercisingusually come equipped with a tape that sticks to the body.

Hula hooping is beneficial in losing weight and increasingthe overall level fitness of the human body. It is also a very reviving type ofexercise because it increases the levels of energy in the body and improves theflow of blood to the brain. Another very important health benefit of hulahooping is that it provides stronger knees, hips and the waist.

Hula hooping is also very efficient in strengthening thetoes muscles and enhancing the spine flexibility because it requiressignificant amount of coordination of the body movements and breathing. It isalso very helpful in promoting the integral functions of all the vital organsin the human body. It can also tone the arm muscles by being rolled in thecircular motion around the arm. Hula hooping can also burn the excessive fat inthe abdomen area and tighten the stomach.

Hula hooping can be so much fun for both adults andchildren. The hoop needs to keep moving on the hips for as long as possible sothat the excess calories get burned. If one wants to work on the waist andhips, the hoop just needs to be placed on the waist. It can also strengthen thearm and leg muscles by placing it on those areas.

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