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Physical fitness is one of the most important things required to live healthy. Very often, people think about physical fitness in the terms of physical strength and endurance. However, this broad term is better described as a state of health and well-being that can be achieved through correct nutrition, exercise, and sufficient rest. Physically fit individuals function efficiently and effectively in their daily life, they are healthy, less prone to various infectious diseases, and they typically recover more quickly from various injuries. Therefore, getting more fit doesn’t only improve the body from the outside, but it also improves overall health, self-image, and person’s responsiveness to emergencies. Definition

The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, or The President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, is US government organization established to promote physical activity and participation in sports among Americans of all ages. The Council publishes fitness guidelines and creates national fitness programs. However, they decline to offer a definitive definition of physical fitness and instead claim that a comprehensive fitness program has to be tailored to an individual. The correct fitness program will focus on one or more skills, age and health related needs. Moreover, a proper fitness program should include physical, emotional, and mental fitness and be able to prevent and treat various health ailments triggered by unhealthy lifestyle and aging.

Benefits of physical fitness

Regular physical activity helps to control weight and balances various processes in the body. Physically active individuals usually have normal blood sugar levels, their blood pressure is in the optimum range, their resting heart rates are also lower, as well as their blood cholesterol levels. These benefits can help to prevent some of the most severe diseases, including heart disease and cancers. Physically fit individuals usually have better self-image and they are dealing with stress more easily. All of these factors together promote sense of well-being along with mental clarity and calmness.

Creating a fitness plan

People need just a little of physical activity to gain all health related benefits of fitness. Just a moderate aerobic activity, for at least three hours each week is enough to stay healthy. The best way to stay physically active is to incorporate fitness into day-to-day activities. For example, people can take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk to the grocery shop, instead of taking a ride. More vigorous activities like riding a bike or running are also recommended as they help to increase heart and lung capacity.

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