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Personal training comprises a number of training programs adjustable to each individual. Personal training programs adapt to everyone's demands and desires. The program does not include only the adequate exercises but it also include counseling on the diet, food and nutritional products and supplements. Personal trainers firstly inform themselves about medical history, injuries and previous workout programs of the person applying for the personal training program. According to the given information the personal trainer then makes up the diet and nutrition plan a set of exercises for each person. All the time during the training program he or she assesses the progress and if needed adjusts the program.


The personal trainer has to be an expert in the field and able to motivate, encourage and support his clients. He or she has to be educated in the field of fitness, health and/or medicine and must have undergone some certified programs for trainers. He or she makes the specific demands and goals achievable so that at the end of the program a person feels happy with oneself and full of self-confidence.

Every individual has specific goals he or she wants to achieve. Based on these goals and demands, the personal trainer decides whether to includes fitness exercises, aerobics, healthy fitness, body building or muscle toning in the program. What kind of training program a person will have depends entirely on what he or she wants, a weight loss, a weight gain, strength or fitness program.

The personal trainer makes sure his personal training client does the exercises properly, the level of difficulty as well as the time and quantity of exercises to be done is constantly adjusted as the time goes by. The body should adapt gradually to the stress and effort. Many people have tried numerous workout programs and ended up without any visible results. Personal training leads to the desired results in a short period of time since it it adjusted to the specific needs of every individual.

After the first program, an advanced level can look challenging enough for anyone. The time in a gym will no longer look frightening and it becomes a normal part of life. Doing regular exercise decreases the risk of developing many health conditions. The personal training increases fitness level and improves coordination. It strengthens and shapes the muscles and decreases body fat and improves physical appearance. Training prevents a number of heart-related conditions and improves the immune system making people more energetic and fit. After a tiring work-out anyone feels relieved, renewed and deprived of stress and anxiety. Training prevents depression too.

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