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Abs Are the Key

Being tall is controlled by manydifferent factors. Of course, your physical proportions play animportant role in this process. However, there are other factorswhich may help people who are otherwise not that tall achieve a bitmore of their height, due to the fact that, besides one's skeletalfeatures, muscles play a big part here as well. Therefore, by workingon a specific group of muscles, you may achieve the impression ofadditional height, solely due to better posture and a firmer look.Your abdominal and back muscles are of the essence here. Namely,whenever your abs are not in good shape, your back muscles usuallycoincide with them, causing you to get hunched, reducing your overallheight by your improper posture. Thus, you need to provide thesegroups of muscles adequate exercise, making them firm and wellshaped. In return, these will give your body proper posture, keepingyour spine straight and disallowing your upper body to bend in anypossible way, resulting in an increase regarding your overalltallness.

Exercises for Achieving a Taller Look

The first exercise for toning your absand back muscles, which usually get involved in a workout together,is the lower ab crunch. In order to perform this exercise you need toget down on a hard surface, lying on your back, with your knees bent,forming a 45 degree angle. Then, by concentrating on not moving yourhip, try and move the knees as close to your chest as possible. Onceyou achieve this, return to the initial position and repeat at least15 times concentrating on using your abs to perform the exercise.

Next is the leg raise. Here, you willneed to lie down, raise your legs so that they form a 90 degree anglewith your body. Then, you are to raise your hips so that you put somestress on your abs and back muscles. Repeating this process willfurther strengthen these important muscles of yours and you need atleast 15 repetitions for optimal performance.

Finally, there is one of the bestexercises available for these purposes. It is called the side crunchand it is performed lying down as well. All you need to do is liesideways, while, at the same time, grabbing onto a bench or any otherthing for support. Then, while bending your knee located on the upperside, try and move it as close to your chest as possible. Onceachieving this, repeat 15 times, after turning to the other side andworking your other leg out the same way.

These three exercises in combinationare all you need to get taller. Thus, give them a try.

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