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Noni is a plant from Tahiti that belongs to a group of 80 the most effective medicinal herbs of Rubiaceae old world. It grows as a wild plant, and gives the fruit throughout the whole year. Harvest is conducted 12 times per year. This fruit, which is for centuries effectively used in Polynesia, the Tahiti and Hawaii today has become very popular in whole world. Noni processes by natural fermentation, which lasts from 3 to 6 months. Any fungus or bacteria or sugar for fermentation are not used. When fermentation is complete it pours over cold fruit providing juice. Noni fruit contains 18 different amino acids, which promote the development of muscles and also prevent their degradation. This effect is multiple manifested in regular training.

Sodium, potassium, iron, manganese and magnesium that are part of Noni contribute to meeting the daily organism needs for minerals. In addition Noni contains special substances that promote the material flow between cells, providing regenerative effect. Scopoletin supports the thyroid gland function, increases serotonin and melatonin level in the body, preventing mood swings, positively effects on the ability of adjustment to daily changes and regulates sleep cycle.

Noni stimulates the production of nitric oxide, which in conjunction with scopoletin allows relaxation of the arteries, which play an important role in reducing high blood pressure caused by tension and stress. In addition nitric oxide improves the tissues blood supplying, reducing the tendency toward emerging clots, which defends the body from heart attack and brain hemorrhage. Noni by antioxidant property defenses body from oxidation of LDL-cholesterol significantly contributing to cardiovascular disease prevention.

Noni fruit has 800 times more Proxerin than pineapple which is currently the largest source of this ingredient. Proxeronin and proxeronasa are two components that allow the human body to create the most important alkaloid xeronin for the renewal of all molecules in the body's cells. Given that participates in the construction of the most optimal level of so-called T and B cells as well as defense and lymph cells noni facilitates the work of the immune system making it able to beat the disease. Noni extraordinary protects from developing cancer and slows the growth of tumors which are already formed.

Xeronin and proxeronin have excellent antidepressant effects. These substances promote the secretion of endorphins, which result in the releasing cheerfulness and good spirit. In addition they reduce draining pain caused by inflamed joints, not causing addiction. Nevertheless xeronin starts mechanism which protects body from inflammation and increases resistance to bacteria and viruses. Therefore Noni is recommended to all who often get sick from infections of upper respiratory tract. Since Noni promotes secretion of digestive juices, significantly relieves digestive tract problems. It also can be a useful supplement in the treatment of various addiction diseases such as smoking alcoholism and drug addiction.

The only noni drawback is that it increases appetite.

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