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Kangen water is a extremely good water for people and it is becoming more and more popular.

In order to understand health benefits of kangen water it is necessary to understand the process of oxidation. We have all met oxidation in our life. If you cut a slice of apple and leave it out for a couple of hours it will oxidize that is turn brown and will not be as nearly healthy as it was. When metal comes in contact with water it rusts which is also oxidation. In the same way oxidation is harmful for our bodies.

If we drink kangen water which is alkaline water this will stop the ‘oxidation’ in our organisms.

Alkaline water has many Hydroxide molecules which act as antioxidants eliminating free radicals from our cells. Free radicals are toxins that harm our body and cause premature aging.

The molecules of free oxygen float through our blood and act as free radicals. Kangen water is beneficial on us because it will neutralize free oxygen molecules.

Kangen water is healthy purified water that has negative ions in it. Its Ph level is 7.5 or higher. Our bodies will prefer kangen water to acidic water such as the one in sodas.

Kangen water increases alkaline Ph balance in our organism and in that way prevent serious illnesses such as cancer. Cancer needs acidic environment to grow.

In order to produce alkaline water you need to filter tap water and push it through the process of electrolysis where it will be divided into alkaline and acid water. Platinum-coated titanium electrodes are the ones that are positively or negatively charged and can collect these two types of molecules. In this process the big clusters of water molecules are broken down increasing the quality and positive impact of kangen water.

The smaller are the molecules of water the better they will hydrate the body. Optimal size is 4 – 6 molecules per cluster.

When you pass 40 years you will see that your skin got small wrinkles. This is the sign that your body needs more water and also needs smaller molecules of it.

A cell has a tiny opening and can let through only small molecules of water. Big ones in order to enter will damage the cell.

In order to have healthy metabolism you need water.

Since kangen water has small molecules it provides the best hydration for our cells.

Kangen water has many positive sides such as great amount of negative ionis, micro-clustered molecules and thus it is best type of water you can consume.

It is officially recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Health.

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