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Detoxification means the removal of all the toxic substances fromthe body and it is a job performed by liver and kidneys. An artificial way ofdoing so is called dialysis. Toxins accumulated in the body can cause manydiseases.

People around the world got used to a very unhealthy dietwhich includes enormous ingestion of sugar, harmful additives and excitotoxins.These substances can lead to serious brain damage.

One should start with colon cleansing, because it is the laststop of the digestive tract and the beginning of a thorough detoxificationplan. Juice fast diets are very beneficial but they also might bring potentialrisks and side effects since they present an eating plan which has a very lowamount of calories.

They are good for cleansing the body and starting a weightloss process. This type of diet should not run straight for more than 10 daysand it can be done just for one or two days on a weekly basis. One should notindulge in too much physical activity because of too few calories ingested.

Detoxification clears the toxins from the body or transformsthem into substances that are less harmful. Toxins may be taken through a diet,drug use or some environmental exposure to harmful substances. They also can beaccumulated over time.

Detoxificationtherapy is a totally natural process and it is necessary if one wants to feelhealthy and generally good. Cleansing helps in renewing energy, reducing food cravings, improving the metabolism, providing healthyskin, improving sleep quality and strengthening the immune system.

Too much fat in one’s body extensively raises the levels ofcholesterol in the blood which leads to increased risk of various heartdiseases and conditions.

Certain kinds of herbs can help the liver in dissolvingthe excess fat in one’s body. Many people eat mainly processed food which hasvery little or no nutritional value at all, and this kind of diet stresses theelimination system, piling up too much waste for the human body to cope with.

One of the best diets is the lemon detox diet which cleansesthe body and allows the systems to recover from the strain provided byingestion of too much processed food. Fruits can be used as constipationremedies, but they should be eaten raw, as soon as possible, since they loseenzymes and nutrients with time. Natural colon cleansing is a healthy andharmless alternative to the colon hydrotherapy.

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