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Riding a bicycle is one of the healthiest ways of transport to get around. It has shown its benefits for many people, especially for those suffering from obesity, damaged knees and cardiovascular diseases. Immunity is the first line of defense of our bodies, and it should always be a priority to keep it at a highest level at all times. By cycling regularly, one can strengthen his immune system and protect himself from many illnesses. It has also shown that a healthy immune system can even prevent cancerous cells from forming.

While riding a bike, the majority of our muscles come into action. As we pedal, our hands and shoulder muscles are holding the handle bars and supporting our body, our abdomen and back muscles are keeping the body on the bike, and legs of course, do the pedaling. The movement of our legs is actively stimulating our lower back muscles, and in this way strengthens them, so the risks of back injuries, such as slipped discs, are reduced to minimum. The transfer of forces distributed through our legs, while we pedal, is very much different from that when walking. This difference helps the cartilages, and prevents from arthritis in a long term.

Cycling is a good way to battle stress, anxiety, depression and other everyday challenges. It has very positive effects on people who need to find their inner peace and balance. It can also help to maintain hormonal balance. If one has problems with their lungs or other parts of respiratory system, moderate cycling can do wonders. It strengthens the muscles of our respiratory system and in this way contributing to ventilation of lungs and better intake of oxygen into our body. Regular cycling can improve our heart functions, by cycling regularly our heart becomes stronger and more used to stress, so we benefit in the long run by making our hear more resistant to strokes and other illnesses. It is good for solving the cases of obesity, because the person that needs to be doing exercises, does not have to carry his own weight, but instead their weight is held by seat of a bike, enabling the person to move he’s feet and exercise.

Cycling is good as an aerobic exercise and it can improve our stamina and resistance to feeling tired, and in general cannot do any harm. By cycling more, rather than using fossil fuel dependent transports, our quality of life in general would be much better and healthier.

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