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Numerous studies and researches have shown that music canaffect one’s psyche and body and Music Therapy as a field of health care hasexperienced a significant growth in popularity in recent years. Many patientsuse it to find relief form ADD, cancer and certain other illnesses, while manyhospitals use music because it is very helpful in relieving pain warding offdepression, promoting movement, calming the patients and relieving the tensionin the muscles.

Certain types of music that have a strong beat are very beneficialin stimulating the brainwaves so they get synchronized with the beat, and thefaster the beat is the sharper the concentration becomes. Music with a fasterbeat also provides a person with alert thinking. Music that has a slower beatpromotes a meditative, calmer state. The stimulation of the brainwaves canleave a lasting effect which may be present even after a person has stoppedlistening to the music. The brainwave stimulation also brings changes tocertain functions in the human body. The changes provided by the music mayaffect the heart rate and breathing because they are affiliated with theautonomic nervous system. Music can slow down the heart rate and the breathingand provide a person with relaxation. It is also efficient in relieving stressand promoting overall health.

Certain types of music can be very beneficial because theyprovide a person with a slightly more positive state of mind, which has certainother benefits such as keeping anxiety and depression at bay. By enjoying thesehealth benefits a person prevents the stressful situations from causingsignificant damage to the body. Among many other benefits of music is that italso keeps the levels of optimism very high and it promotes creativity. Thereare so many other health benefits that music efficiently provides. It can lowerthe blood pressure and by doing so it reduces the risk of stroke significantlyand prevents certain other health problems from developing. Music can also bevery beneficial in relieving the tension in the muscles and boosting one’simmunity. More and more people are becoming aware of the numerous healthbenefits of music and are using it to fulfill their own needs of becoming orstaying health and in good shape.

Music therapy is rapidly gaining popularity and one can findmore information on numerous websites discussion forums and portals all aroundthe Internet. Everyone can benefit from music on their own on a daily basis.

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