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Badminton is a sporting activities that providesmultiple health benefits and promotes longevity.

Playing badminton for at least half an hour per day helpsincreases the heart rate and helps mild breathlessness in middle-aged persons while lowering thedeath risk by approximately 23 percent in 20 subsequent years.

One should not indulge inany physical activities like badminton if not warmed up appropriately. The mainhealth benefit of playing badminton is that it reduces the levels of badcholesterol and increases the levels of good cholesterol in the body. Badcholesterol is not beneficial for the health because it enlarges the bloodvessels, which may lead to heart attacks and strokes. The reduction of badcholesterol levels provides health benefits on many different levels.

Hypertensive persons can benefit greatly from playingbadminton because it drops the basal heart rate by a few beats per minute andit also reduces the blood pressure significantly. Badminton helps in wardingoff hypertension without the need for medications and it helps in reducingthe dosage of medications needed in more severe cases of hypertension.

Playing badminton on a regular basis protects from variousheart diseases. It strengthens the heart muscle, reduces hypertension andkeeps the blood vessels from clogging and causing further health complications.Persons who have some kind of preexisting heart disease can also enjoy thebenefits of playing badminton under proper medical supervision that will not putany additional stress on their endurance levels.

Badminton can also help overweight people in reducing fat and attaining the weight optimal for their age and height. This happensbecause a person burns significant amounts of calories and prevents them frompiling up as fat and further increasing their weight. One more important fact concerningoverweight people’s problems is that while playing badminton, the existing fatis used to produce energy, but appropriate diets are neededto gain optimal results.

Osteoporosis is a condition in which the bones become loose becauseof interactions between the hormones in the body, the forming of bones and thecells that dissolve bones.

Persons suffering from osteoporosis have reducedbone strength and that means that it is very easy for them to sustain bonefractures.

Playing badminton helps those suffering from osteoporosis because ithelps the activity of the cells that form bones and it also helps assimilatingthe calcium in the bone matrix, which strengthens it. Regularbadminton games also reduces various cancer risks.

Badminton helps keeps a person feeling well, healthy, motivated and enthusiastic.

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