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Information on Brown Rice

Brown rice is very good for those who are very cautiousabout their weight changes. It is actually a very complex carbohydrate and itprovides a person with numerous essential nutrients such as niacin, potassiumand the vitamins of the B group. Brown rice needs to be slightly milled sothat the husk gets removed.

In the further process of production the bran getsremoved and the rice needs to be polished so that the germ layer gets removedas well. That is how white rice is producing.

Polishing is required to extendthe shelf life of the final product but it also removes that healthy layer. Thelayer makes the rice very susceptible to oxidation and that is why it getsremoved in most cases. Unlike brown rice, its white counterpart is actuallyjust a refined starch which lost most of the original nutrients.

Health Benefits

People who are very cautious about their weight usuallyconsume plenty of foods that are characterized by a low glycemic index such as wholegrains, fresh fruits and raw vegetables. Those whose diet is mostly based onfoods that have a low content of fat and a high content of high glycemic indexcarbohydrates tend to gradually become resistant to insulin.

Foods that have ahigh glycemic index are known of breaking down faster and compelling pancreasto produce significantly larger amount of insulin. Insulin’s main purpose isto maintain normal levels of sugar in the blood and determine the process ofglucose absorption. When a person becomes resistant to insulin it means thatevery consumed calorie gets deposited as fat. Brown rice is efficient in maintainnormal levels of serotonin and sugar in the blood and it reduces food cravingas well.

Processed food are characteristic of boosting the levels of serotoninfor short periods of time, but soon enough the levels of serotonin become lowagain which leads to food craving. Brown rice is rich in phytonutrients and ithas very potent antioxidant properties which means that it is very efficient inreducing the severity of asthma, reducing the risk of stroke, reducing the riskof colon cancer, reducing the risk of heart disease, boosting the immune systemand lowering the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood.

Brown rice is aremarkable source of selenium which makes it very beneficial for the preventionof cancers and improved functioning of the immune system and metabolism. Brownrice contains plenty of fiber as well. It is also rich in manganese andmagnesium which means that it is efficient in protecting the body from the freeradical damage.

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