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Diabetes is a condition characterized by the elevated levels of the blood sugar. Many people worldwide, unfortunately, suffer from the diabetes. Some people even die due to this condition. The main cause of the high level of glucose in the blood is deficiency of the hormone insulin, or the body’s unresponsiveness to it. Diabetes can be divided into three types. Diabetes type 1 results from the insufficiency of the hormone insulin. The pancreas is the gland that is responsible for thee secretion of this hormone. Due to various reasons, it does not produce enough amounts of it, and thus, the level of the glucose cannot be controlled. In diabetes type 2, there is sufficient insulin, but the body cells do not recognize it and do not respond to it. It is called insulin resistance. Gestational diabetes develops in pregnant women and is very similar to diabetes type 2.

Lowering blood glucose levels

Diabetes is a condition that should be treated and controlled. The treatment of diabetes includes the lowering the level of glucose in the blood. It can be reached by giving insulin injections or by changing the lifestyle.

Regular exercises are extremely important if one wants to lower the level of sugar in the blood. Physical activity is necessary and it may include simple walking or climbing the stairs, or doing everyday chores or tasks at home. It is only necessary to exercise 30 minutes a day and the glucose levels in the blood will drop. Furthermore, the immune system should be made strong and the normal body weight should be maintained.

One of the main causes for the high levels of glucose is food. Therefore, a diabetic person should have a specific diet. He/she should avoid foods with high glycemic index. Low glycemic index foods contain carbohydrates that tend to slowly break down during digestion. The foods rich in fiber have low glycemic index, such as green leafy vegetables, raw carrots, corns, barley and wholegrain breads. The fresh fruits should be also included in the diet.

It is also considered that the extracts of fenugreek leaves and seeds tend to reduce the levels of the blood glucose. Furthermore, cinnamon and salacia are two food supplements that are also effective in lowering glucose levels in the blood. Chromium picolinate capsules are recommended because they are very effective in lowering blood glucose levels, as well as reducing the symptoms of diabetes, such as tiredness, polydipsia and polyruia without any side effect.

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