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Information on Rice

Rice is a certain type of food which is an excellent sourceof starch and carbohydrates, but it is also noted for providing moderateamounts of dietary fiber as well. Brown rice which is characteristic forretaining its outer seed covering is very rich in dietary fiber. All types ofrice except the brown rice are also very low in fat. Brown rice also containsmuch more essential minerals and vitamins than its milled white counterpart.All different types of rice are excellent sources of vitamin from the Bcomplex. All types of rice contain folates as well which are very efficientwhen it comes to reducing the risk of numerous different types of seriousmedical conditions. Rice is also a remarkable source of nonheme iron andcalcium as well. It has very low amounts of sodium when it is uncooked.


Rice is best when served with different types of legumessuch as peas and beans or with meats and food items which are abundant invitamin C, and those are peppers and tomatoes. The proteins commonly containedin rice are great sources of certain essential amino acids such as cystine,methionine and tryptophan. Legumes contain the completely opposite types ofproteins so they are pretty much compatible with rice. The meat and vitamin Crich food items increase the secretion of stomach acids, increase theavailability of iron in the rice and change it from the ferrous type to the ferroustype, which is much easier to absorb. One should always but air sealed packagesof rice in order to avoid oxidation. Different sorts of rice have differentproperties, so one should always choose the type of rice which suits his or herindividual needs. Stained boxes of rice should be avoided. Rice needs to bestore in moisture and air proof containers which need to be kept in a cool anddark place. Rice must not get moist and it needs to be protected fromoxidation. It can be kept for a fewmonths before the fat content gets oxidized. Rice always needs to be washedthoroughly before cooking, especially if the rice is imported or purchased inbulk. Certain types of rice need to be picked over in order to eliminatepebbles and other sorts of debris. When the rice gets cooked the starchgranules absorb the water molecules and create new bonds. The starch networkcontains so much water that the bulk gets doubled.

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