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Information on Rice Bran Oil

Rice bran oil is a certain type of oil which is commonly used for various culinary purposes, but it also provides several other benefits as well. It is considered as a healthy type of oil and a welcome addition to numerous different types of recipes. One of the main characteristics of rice bran oil is that it has a significantly high smoke point. Oils with a high smoke point are very healthy and they do not impart any negative flavors to the foods. Rice bran oil with its very high smoke point also makes sure that the foods do not stick to the griddle or the grill used in the preparation of the meal.

It is one of the rare types of oils which is jam packed with tocotrienols. Tocotrienols are certain types of chemical compounds which have a structure very similar to the structure of tocopherols. These chemical compounds actually come from the family of vitamin A and are highly cherished because of their extremely potent antioxidant properties. For those who do not know, antioxidants are very efficient in fighting the free radicals and reducing the severity and amount of damage they cause inside the human body. Rice bran oil is also an excellent source of gamma oryzanols. They are known for being very handy when it comes to increasing the excretion of fecal bile acid, inhibiting the aggregation of platelets, decreasing the early atherosclerosis, reducing the absorption of cholesterol and reducing the amounts of plasma cholesterol.

Culinary Uses

Rice bran oil is mostly used for frying because it is very efficient in contributing a rather pleasant flavor to the food. Its fry life and storage stability are outstanding so it is commonly the premium choice of many restaurants in the United States. Another important thing about rice bran oil is that it does not contain any trans fatty acids. It can also be used extensively for stir frying. Its nut like flavor character is always an excellent addition to any type of stir fried vegetables, seafoods or meats. Rice bran oil is often used for salad dressing in numerous different types of recipes. This is mainly due to its light flavor, so it is often mixed in with numerous spices and gourmet vinegar. It is also an excellent emulsifier. Rice bran oil is frequently used for baking, especially for brownies.

Other Uses

Rice brain oil is often used for the production of a very healthy line of soaps, and it is a very healthy supplement for dogs, horses and other domestic animals.

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